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Founded in 2004, Advantage Lending is a continuously evolving mortgage lender committed to customer education and transparency. As a full service mortgage banker we handle the processing, underwriting, and funding of your loan in-house. This level of control over the entire mortgage application and approval process translates to simplicity and predictability for our customers.

Our experienced mortgage professionals have access to a wide variety of financing options so we can meet your individual financial goals. Whether this is your first home purchase or your 10th, at Advantage Lending we understand financing your dream is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Contact one of our licensed professionals today to get started.

The Mortgage Process.

A very high level overview of the mortgage process. For more detailed information please click the button below.
Define Goals


In order to tailor a financial option to fit your needs we will sit down with you & understand your goals.

Customized Options

Select an Option

After we have had time to go over options to best meet your goals we will select a course of action together & and complete an application.

Gather & Upload


After deciding on a course of action we will need to document your finances to support your application.

Locking & Appraisal

File Setup

Your loan will be locked upon your request & an appraisal will be ordered. Various miscellaneous items will be ordered including income verifications.

Packaging it Up


This is where we take over & package your application into a fully supported file. During this process we may reach out to you for further documentation if requested by Underwriting.

Sign & Close


After your loan application is approved & clear to close, we will draw up closing documents & order wires.

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