The Mortgage Process.
Let's Clear Things Up


Define Goals

Take a few minutes to talk to one of our mortgage professionals. We need to understand what you want to accomplish and where you are in the process. Together we will tailor an option to best meet your goals while also remaining realistic to your individual situation. We will not set you up to fail.

This consultation can be over the phone, via email or in-person depending on your preference. We only service North Carolina so not only are we experts on the industry nuance in our great state, but we can meet you at your place of convenience in most cases.

Select an Option

Tailored Plans to Meet Your Goals

There are many different mortgage options and even more rules & regulations placed on each option. We offer a wide gamut of products, and our goal is to be able to offer choices for most scenarios. We take what we have learned during our consultation and will present you with options along with their pros & cons to aid you in the decision.

More Options


Gather Documents for Upload

After you have selected a mortgage product we will generate a loan application reflecting your choice. You can either sign this digitally with eSign or sign them by hand. Depending on your selection this package can be rather large.

Supporting Documents
There are guidelines that must be followed in order to qualify. This means we will need certain documentation to prove we are following these guidelines. This is oftentimes the most time consuming & frustrating stage. We will look at your specific situation and selected loan program to anticipate what will be asked for in Underwriting. This way we can minimize the amount of time you spend hunting down documents.

File Setup

Lock Your Loan & Appraisal Completion

After you have completed the Application we can lock your loan and order your appraisal. Although you are not required to lock-in your rate at this time we highly recommend it. It is one less variable to deal with during the process.

Chances are your loan product will require an appraisal. At the time we will place an order and the Appraiser themselves will reach out to you or the property seller regarding scheduling. The lead time for appraisals varies greatly by time of the year to the property location, but plan on two weeks from the time it is ordered to the time we will have a valuation.


Packaging Your File For Approval

While we are waiting for your Appraisal to come back our team will be working hard behind the scenes. At this stage we are tidying up your file and ensuring that all guidelines are fulfilled & documented. The documentation you provided earlier will be verified and anything missing will be requested. You may hear from one of our Processors at this stage.

When the appraisal is received we will send you a copy. Provided that the valuation is reasonable and within range for the loan product we will submit your file to Underwriting. During this stage our documentation is checked and signed off on.


Sign Your Closing Package

Your file will be submitted to our Closing Department as soon it has been cleared by Underwriting. There are very specific Disclosure Rules we must follow to be compliant and because of this it is very important to sign any preliminary closing documents as soon as we send them to you. Unfortunately, failing to do say can delay your closing.

The actual Closing will take place either with an Attorney or a Notary depending on your choice. Typical closings take about 30 minutes and should be relatively painless. The documents required at this time must be signed by hand.

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